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Spaces in filename during HTTPS file transfer

From: Rajesh Naganathan <>
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 11:28:12 +0000

Does libcurl take care of spaces properly during HTTPS file transfer?If i transfer a file "ABC_XYZ038 _20111008_1824" using HTTPS using libcurl, the name of the file is stored as ABC_XYZ038 in the server.

Whereas if i use the command line as below,the filename is properly present in the server(ABC_XYZ038 _20111008_1824)
/usr/bin/curl --upload-file "ABC_XYZ038 _20111008_1824" --capath /rrpl/certs/client --cert /rrpl/certs/client/client_entity_cert.pem --cacert /rrpl/certs/client/client_certs.pem --key /rrpl/certs/client/privkey.pem -i -f
Is there any issue in libcurl that it doesnt accept the spaces in the HTTPS filetransfer?

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Received on 2011-10-10