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Re: Please advise on how to improve libcurl HTTP GET performance

From: Alex <>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 21:12:16 +0400

12.10.2011, 20:12, "Alan Wolfe" <>:

> šand just to make sure... are you building the release version of libcurl, and have rtti and exceptions turned off, optimizations turned on (on by default in release) and no crazy options turned on such as GS (stack checking)

Actually, GS is enabled by default! Turned it off, as well as exceptions. Recompiled to DLL, ran the benchmark again. Now I'm getting as high as 4 KB/s. It's just getting more and more interesting :)

P.S. Good think I didn't post this message at once. I've tried some other relatively long webpages, and got 50-200 KB/s.
Still wonder what's wrong with the original benchmark page which I can't download nearly as fast as Curl.

P.P.S. Bulding Curl from sources is in order.
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