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[PATCH] libcurl/Curl_resolv_timeout: curl_jmpenv should be set before alarm() call

From: Ettore Del Negro <>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 13:33:05 +0200

while debugging an issue in a PHP extension, i experienced some
segfaults caused by libcurl.
I found out the cause was at hostip.c:506:

siglongjmp(curl_jmpenv, 1);

curl_jmpenv was 0x0.
That happens when SIGALRM is sent *before* sigsetjmp is called at
hostip.c:609. This could happens, for example, while debugging or when
process is descheduled for a time greater than SIGALRM timeout.
The attached patch simply moves sigsetjmp() before alarm().


Received on 2011-10-13