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RE: SMTP, data corruption and dot stuffing

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 12:35:41 +0100

Hi again,

> A typical message will look like this :

Yep - all looked good there.

> You'll see in the thread that I've just posted a small test program that
> will always reproduce the error. The error was hard to reproduce in
> real life conditions cause you need <CR><LF> at the end of the
> CURL_MAX_WRITE_SIZE and depending on your header, your body,
> your attachment name etc... CURL_MAX_WRITE_SIZE could always
> end on some random character.

Cheers for that... I've just downloaded it.

> Right now I'm using libcurl as a shared library (dll) in MSVC10
> (Windows), so I can't/don't know how to do this.

You would need to compile the libcurl source code yourself (as a debug
build) and then use that shared library rather than the pre-compiled the one
you are using.

I compile the libcurl source myself for debug and release with VC7.1, VC8,
VC9 and VC10 so I will have a go at debugging the problem a little later on
(unless Daniel or anyone else beats me to it ;-) ).

> I'm using a CURLOPT_READFUNCTION, I'll try to pass FILE* to see if it
> something.

Cool - let us know how you get on.

> Thanks for your answer.

You're welcome and hopefully we can find this issue and fix it before the
next release.



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