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RE: [Bulk] RE: SMTP, data corruption and dot stuffing

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 16:42:07 +0100


> >> I'm using a CURLOPT_READFUNCTION, I'll try to pass FILE* to see if it
> >> changes something.
> > Cool - let us know how you get on.
> I see no difference when using a file.

Okay - that rules that out ;-)

> I've been able to step into debugger to analyze Curl_smtp_escape_eob
> (smtp.c) but I've been unable to spot a dot insertion in the buffer.

I've look at the code for the function quite a bit today (as I wasn't not
too familiar with it - even though I have done quite a bit of work in smtp.c

I couldn't see anything obvious that added a dot myself but did wonder if it
was something to do with the <CR><LF>.<CR><LF> searching and reassembly but
to be honest with you I don't think it is this as you only have <CR><LF> at
the end of your buffer so no match should be found.

Saying that, are we are sure that it is a dot character and not an
unprintable character (such as a trailing zero or other value that your
dump() function is outputting as a dot) ?

Kind Regards


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