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RE: [PATCH] smtp_mail: Added support to MAIL FROM for the optional AUTH parameter

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2011 14:05:32 +0100

Hi Daniel,

> > Given that we are close (if not just passing) the dead line for
> > v7.22.1 features how would you like to play this one?
> (It's going to be named 7.23.0! :-)

Not sure how I missed that ;-)

> No worries, I think this is a small and isolated enough change
> to be allowed even if we go over the date a few days. After
> all we're already working on it.

Further to last night's POP3 document patch I have been working on the
documentation for CURLOPT_MAIL_AUTH as well as the command line option this
morning and I have the following question as I've not really used Curl from
the command line:

Curl seems to want to connect to my mail server as the "rl" user - is this
normal behaviour when not specifying the --user or -U parameter?

Also I see that the filename specified with the -T parameter ends up being
sent to the mail server in the EHLO response if the URL does not contain the
client hostname in the path part. Is this normal as well?



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