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RE: socket error with NTLM auth proxy and multi interface

From: Pingzhong Li <>
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 11:51:58 -0400

>>>Dan Fandrich Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 12:24 PM
>>ar is part of the compiler suite; if you're able to compile with gcc from the Cygwin command-line, you should already have ar. If not, then the GNU version is often in a package called binutils.

Thanks a lot, Dan, without your info, I probably won't be able to find the right package.

I downloaded the binutils and now I am able to build the curl with Cygwin. So I run the tests without my changes (make test), all tests passed except 504 tests which is a multi interface tests. I didn't built with SSL, however I think that it should not matter at this case.

Here is part of log at Cygwin window for this test which I just run that test alone by using
* starts no server
test 504...[simple multi through local proxy without listener]
./libtest/lib504 >log/stdout504 2>log/

lib504 returned 99, 100 was expected
 exit FAILED

Then I applied my changes to the http.c file method http_perhapsrewind line:
conn->bits.rewindaftersend = TRUE;

  if((expectsend == -1) || (expectsend > bytessent)) {
    /* There is still data left to send */
    if((data->state.authproxy.picked == CURLAUTH_NTLM) ||
       (data->state.authhost.picked == CURLAUTH_NTLM) ||
       (data->state.authproxy.picked == CURLAUTH_NTLM_WB) ||
       (data->state.authhost.picked == CURLAUTH_NTLM_WB)) {
      if(((expectsend - bytessent) < 2000) ||
         (conn->ntlm.state != NTLMSTATE_NONE)) {
        /* The NTLM-negotiation has started *OR* there is just a little (<2K)
           data left to send, keep on sending. */

        /* rewind data when completely done sending! */
        if(!conn->bits.authneg) {
                        //From Pingzhong: I just comment out the original code and
                        //added a check and it will only rewind if it is an easy interface
                        if(Curl_if_multi != data->state.used_interface)
                                conn->bits.rewindaftersend = TRUE;
                                infof(data, "Rewind stream after send\n");
                        //conn->bits.rewindaftersend = TRUE;


        return CURLE_OK;
        /* this is already marked to get closed */
        return CURLE_OK;

      infof(data, "NTLM send, close instead of sending %" FORMAT_OFF_T
            " bytes\n", (curl_off_t)(expectsend - bytessent));

With this change, actually all the tests passed except 504 which would be same as before my change.

I am sure that code is there for a reason. So is my change ok here? I don't really understand the logic here. Maybe it would be needed on other platform than Windows?


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