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RE: FTPS Attempt Not Using SSL

From: SuperWare Support <>
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 15:14:53 -0400


Thanks for your response. I followed the instructions by Andrei Jakab,
"Using libcurl with SSH support in Visual Studio 2008". I compiled libssh2
and then set the pre-processor directives in that manual. I assumed that
would enable SSH support. Different than his manual, however, I did compile
it to a series of DLLs, libssh2.dll and libcurl.dll.

Libcurl is returning error 67.


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Sent: Sunday, October 30, 2011 2:46 PM
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Subject: Re: FTPS Attempt Not Using SSL

On Sat, 29 Oct 2011, SuperWare Support wrote:

> I have tried to adapt the ftpupload.c example to upload to an FTPS
> server. I have gotten it to compile and run, but when I execute it the
> server is reporting the following:

Are you sure your libcurl version has SSL support built-in?

> curl_easy_setopt(curl, CURLOPT_USE_SSL, CURLUSESSL_ALL);

If you checked the return codes of your curl function invokes you would
possibly have noticed this.

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