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Re: [bagder/curl] c761fc: three new custom FTP server commands...

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 07:58:00 +0100

2011/10/29 Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> Cool, I'll just wait and see what you put in then before I try them out!

Pushed right now. A quick overview...

For active FTP, custom commands NODATACONN, NODATACONN421 and
NODATACONN425 dont even start the data sockfilter so client gets no

For passive FTP, custom command NODATACONN starts data sockfilter
binding it to a port but not listening. Client is signaled to connect
to that specific port.

FTP commands that require an established data channel now reply with
'503 data channel not established' when not established. It is not
clear to me right now if for test purposes it is better to leave it
like that or simply give no indication back to the client. It much
depends on the client properly timing out or not

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