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RE: Support for authentication DIGEST-MD5 for SMTP

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 14:57:57 +0000


> I think the thread you are talking about is:
> but I could not find
> specific details on DIGEST-MD5 authentication I am trying to implement.

I think that is the right thread... Dan's email was:

From scanning the emails I think we were talking about generic modifications that we could make and code that could be shared between other SASL based protocols (IMAP and POP3 for example) ;-)

> Anyways, I have spent a few hours today to implement DIGEST-AUTH
> based on RFC 2831. I am now at work and can not produce a patch for
> the changes but I will send it to you from home in a couple of hours.


> I have used "axigen" mail server for tests. What I am looking for is:
> 1- A code review to justify code's compliance with the RFC 2831
> 2- Improvements that could be done
> 3- More tests with other mail servers supporting DIGEST-MD5 to verify the new functionality better
> 4- Inclusion of the code to the new curl build ;)

1) No problem
2) Sure
3) I run Mail Enable (Free Edition) and Microsoft Exchange Server myself but I honestly don't know if either of these support DIGEST-MD5 and unfortunately
4) I got a little confused here - Do you mean that you need assistance in generating the patch file etc for inclusion in the next build?

It is also worth noting that we are in a feature freeze period until v7.24.0 is released so only very minor changes and bug fixes are being pushed at the moment.

Kind Regards


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