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RE: Support for authentication DIGEST-MD5 for SMTP

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 17:46:24 +0000

Hi again,

> > I think that is the right thread... Dan's email was:
> >
> >
> >
> > From scanning the emails I think we were talking about generic
> > modifications that we could make and code that could be
> > shared between other SASL based protocols (IMAP and POP3
> > for example) ;-)
> I see now but given the fact that I am a little stranger to IMAP and
> POP3 protocols, I do not think I could be able to implement a
> general feature anyway :-).

I must admit I'm not really sure what can be shared at this point. I added the NTLM authentication to SMTP and have been doing some work in POP3 so would say I'm familiar with both of these modules I've not really touched IMAP yet. My thoughts so far would lead me to believe that we will only be able to share definitions and encoding between the three protocols as whilst the authentication mechanisms may be the same the actual protocols are different.

> However my implementation could be only a start point.

Indeed ;-)

> I have attached the patch now. Please review. I was not aware

Cheers - Hopefully I will get some time this evening to take a look at your patch.

> that we were in feature freeze period. I think I have missed it?

I think Daniel posted just before Christmas that the freeze would start on the 28th December and run until the 24th of this month.

> I actually urged to implement this feature before feature freeze :-)
> It is actually no big deal for me since I am using a 7.22.0 based version
> for production.

I've been running modified versions of libcurl for the last 6 months myself (Currently running a modified version of 7.23.1 that I've patched with new features) and then every now and again I catch up with a release and apply any of my own patches to it if necessary ;-)

I will let you know my thoughts on the patch a little later.

Please also note that whilst I can review the patch I don't have the capability to push it to the GIT repository - presumably Daniel or Yang will do this after the 24th.

Cheers again


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