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curl_multi_socket_action being called with same event and same action repeatedly

From: sandeep a <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 20:20:04 +0400


I am using libcurl's curl_multi_socket_action interface clubbed with libev
(I understand whose scope is not coupled with libcurl, but just got
inspired by the curl examples).

I am having a bunch of requests (http/webdav requets) and passing them to
curl. Curl gives me a pair of socket fd and corresponding event for me to
track (in my case libev does the job for me).
Most of the submitted requests will complete except a few. The reason is
each time curl is giving me the same socket fd and same event multiple
times (recursively) and I track them (using libev for some action to occur)
and again submit to curl using curl_multi_socket_action with the same
socket fd and event. And curl again gives me back the same socket fd and

Thus some of my requests are never completed.

Please help me know what could be going wrong. I am completely stuck.

-Sandeep A

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Received on 2012-01-10