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Re: feature suggestion (with patch): callback function on http redirects

From: Jochen Kornitzky <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 11:10:30 +0100

Hi Daniel,

On 15.01.2012 23:44, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> In libcurl we provide a rather simple and "crude"
> follow-HTTP-redirects when enabled. This is designed to allow
> programs that just want to follow redirects in a simple-minded and
> straight forward way. It was never meant to be advanced and we have
> since day one argued that any program that needs more advanced
> redirect handling should do it themselves. For this reason we also
> implemented CURLINFO_REDIRECT_URL a few years ago.

Yes, I'm aware that my suggestion is somewhat redundant and
"advanced" from libcurl's point of view. I was looking
to reduce the application complexity with a simple hack
in libcurl. When in a curl_multi environment with many
concurrent downloads, having the redirect callback
is handy, as I can continue to use FOLLOWLOCATION (without
redirect limit) without adding my own application logic and
still be compliant with robots.txt. Reading CURLINFO_REDIRECT_URL
would be too late for that purpose as the url is already fetched
when that info is available.

Anyway, maybe the patch is useful for somebody with the same

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