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curl_multi_perform call blocked infinitely when netowrk is disconnected

From: Vishakha Vaidya <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 17:08:23 +0530

During curl_multi_perform ( when the file is transferring) if the network cable is disconnected, the call is blocked in infinite while loop
and never terminates. Is this issue already been fixed or is there a way to handle this situation from client code?

The below while loop runs infinitely when network is disconnected during curl_multi_perform ( during file transfer).

static CURLcode ftp_easy_statemach(struct connectdata *conn)
  struct ftp_conn *ftpc = &conn->proto.ftpc;
  struct pingpong *pp = &ftpc->pp;
  CURLcode result = CURLE_OK;

  while(ftpc->state != FTP_STOP) {
    result = Curl_pp_easy_statemach(pp);

  return result;


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