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Re: Request for source file name changes

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 18:14:27 +0100

Hi Patrick,

2012/1/25 Patrick Monnerat wrote:

>     While trying to upgrade the OS400 version of libcurl, I noticed there
> are now source files in the lib directory whose names have the same first 10
> characters. This is a problem for OS400 since object names are limited to 10
> characters.

If the problem only resides in object file names derived from .c
extension source code files with long file names (preprocessor and
compiler being able to properly locate and include header files with
long file names) I believe that the least intrusive approach would be
to make packages/OS400/ or any other additional shell
script do any file renaming before build steps take place.

In this way you could be as free as OS400 allowed and as creative as
you wanted with how renaming is done regardless of original .c
extension source code file name. Additionally, if affected files are
renamed in a future version it would be easy to make any adjustments
to the script.

Similar approach could be used for DOS build targets with 8.3 file
name limitations.

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