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RE: Request for source file name changes

From: Patrick Monnerat <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 18:55:09 +0100

Yang Tse wrote:

> If the problem only resides in object file names derived
> from .c extension source code files with long file names
> (preprocessor and compiler being able to properly locate
> and include header files with long file names) I believe
> that the least intrusive approach would be to make
> packages/OS400/ or any other additional
> shell script do any file renaming before build steps take
> place.

Not really: currently, the compiling shell script uses the file to automatically get the source names to compile from
CSOURCES. If I rename some files, this strategy wont work anymore. The
alternatives I have are:
- Not using CSOURCES anymore: means I have to maintain a parallel file
- Generate module name from a hash of the source name: this will
probably avoid the current collisions, but may generate some others. In
addition, it will make hard for a human to recognize modules.
- Maintain a name mapping array for the collision cases: not so easy in
a non-bash shell :-(

Thanks for your suggestion anymay :-)

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