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Crash on running SFTP after openssl upgrade

From: William Tan <>
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2012 02:25:24 +0000

Hi all,
I am seeing this segmentation fault after upgrading my application server to openssl 1.0.1c. The server is paired with libssh2 version 1.2.9 and libcurl version 7.21.7. Notice that the session becomes NULL in the highest frame and that's why it's crashed at transport.c:824 when dereferencing it. Was there any bugs that might cause this crash? Is there anything I can look to find out who cleaned up the session and when it happened?
#0 _libssh2_transport_send (session=0x0, data=0x2b7b60a83260 "\005", data_len=17, data2=<value optimized out>, data2_len=<value optimized out>) at transport.c:824#1 0x0000000003000c6e in libssh2_session_handshake (session=0x2b7b60a76600, sock=56) at session.c:721#2 0x0000000002fe4981 in ssh_statemach_act ()#3 0x0000000002fe765d in ssh_easy_statemach ()#4 0x0000000002fe7ad5 in ssh_connect ()#5 0x0000000002fd17b5 in Curl_protocol_connect ()#6 0x0000000002fd21dc in Curl_setup_conn ()#7 0x0000000002fd46fc in Curl_connect ()#8 0x0000000002fdf53b in Curl_do_perform ()
Application code:
        // set the url stl::string::CtorSprintf temp; stl::string url(temp, "sftp://%s/%s/", mFtpHostname, mFtpRemotePath); curl_easy_setopt(mHandle, CURLOPT_URL, url.c_str());
        // execute queued curl commands, starting the file transfer result = curl_easy_perform(mHandle);
Appreciate your helps in advance.

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