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About multi interface

From: Ning Dong <>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 14:40:30 +0800

Hi, Everybody,

I'm testing the multi interface and write a simple test program based on multi-app.c. The test program try to access 3 web sites in parallel, and each site will be accessed 10 times.

To limit the connections and handles num, only three handles being pushed into mutli stack, and after each handle finished one access, it will be removed from the multi stack then be pushed again(So we have chance to change the url, but it's not the condition of the test prorgam).

During testing, i found that if 2 handles finished all its works(10 access), the last handle will not be processed correctly, curl_multi_info_read can not read the msg of the last handle.

Attached is the code.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks very much.

Sorry, last mail i forgot the code.


Ning Dong

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