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RE: Using libcurl with subdomains (visual studio)

From: Alexander Wright <>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 09:41:02 +0100

Thanks for the replies guys.

>> Having a bit of trouble using libcurl in visual studio, and wondered
>> if there was anything obvious I have missed.
>> I have a website that I can read perfectly using the cmd prompt and
>> curl exe, but when using libcurl in visual studio I get the following:
>> Couldn't resolve host name (error code 6)

> Did you build libcurl with a non-default resolver backend? If not, then
> libcurl and curl really don't differ and I can't explain why they do for
> you!

Hi Daniel, I built libcurl using cmake and the visual studio 10 x64 compiler. I'm new to all this so don't really know how I would have built it with a non-default resolver backend? A quick google points me at c-ares - should I be using that instead?

> Just a wild and crazy guess, but maybe you have some sort of local
> firewall that determines which applications are allowed to access the
> internet?

Thanks Jeff - I get a zonealarm prompt asking for permission when I rebuild & run my program. This only happens when it is working though (i.e. on the main website and not the subdomain). When I get the error message above, I don't get any firewall prompt.

Thanks again,


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