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Reciving buffer size less than CURL_MAX_WRITE_SIZE

From: ilavarasan M <>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 11:52:33 +0530


I'm using the latest version 7.28.1 to download the files. Im trying to
download the file which is 60 GB in size using cURL (C++). I'm able to get
around 17 GB of content and suddenly cURL come out with return code as
success and the http response code is 200. I try to debug and found that
curl comes out when it receiving the buffer size less than 16K in the
callback function. I'm getting random values like 4K or 13K. I can confirm
the issue is because of this. Is there any way to fix this? can i set
size to 4K or someother less value. will it cause anything? Please help me,

Thanks & Regards,

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Received on 2012-12-21