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Re: curl-library Digest, Vol 88, Issue 39

From: Michael Wood <>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 17:36:11 +0200

Hi Dave

Your messages are hard to follow.

Please turn off "digest" mode if you want to participate in
discussions. If you must stick with digest mode, at least edit the
subject to be something sensible instead of "curl-library Digest, Vol
88, Issue 39".

Also, please do not "full quote". Especially not in digest mode!
Nobody wants to have to wade through the whole digest to find the bit
you added in this e-mail. The harder it is for someone to find what
you're saying now amongst all the historical stuff, the more likely
they are to just ignore your message. Just quote the bits relevant to
your current reply.

See the following for more hints:

> Etiquette:

Michael Wood <>
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