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Re: Name lookup/DNS resolution mechanism of libcurl

From: Michael-O <>
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2013 17:18:01 +0200

Am 2013-04-01 16:19, schrieb Guenter:
> Hi Michael,
> On 01.04.2013 12:37, Michael-O wrote:
>> This is what I have assumed, it's my setup. How come that other
>> applications resolve quite fast?
> some things you should check:
> - disable automatic proxy configuration in IE if enabled

Was disabled anyway.

> - check with 'route print' for local proxy (f.e. AVM DSLWeb or such;
> Viruses)


No proxies but I found several addresses in 192.168.56.*
This is the VirtualBox (version 4.1.24 installed) Host-Only Network
adapter. I have disabled it, and boom curl resolves immediately. A bug
in VirtualBox I would guess. Some similar issue is still open [1].

Thank you very much for the helping point.


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