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Libcurl closing socket when socket is closed by server already

From: narayanan manikandan <>
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2013 06:00:39 +0800 (SGT) I followed this thread and exactly this is the issue I am currently facing with Libcurl not immediately closing the socket when server sends FIN packet I do not want to close and open the connection everytime as this might be resource consuming for server to do SSL handshake everytime To overcome the issue, I referred to the following post which talked about using SSL_SEEK  in the getinfo of LASTSOCKET interface. I have a solution which is working for me now. But still not sure if I have effectively made a choice. This is what I am doing now and need your feedback about the same 1.       At the start of application I create a pool of curl handle with easy_init() 2.       Since I use ssl I have implemented the lock and unlock methods. 3.       I pick up an handle form the available pool and use it for the POST request. 4.       At the end of perform I use “easy_reset()” with the intention to re-use the socket if further request needs to be send. 5.       When the second request comes before setting the options I use the LASTSOCKET API on the curlHandle to see if it returns me BAD SOCKET. a.       If it returns a BAD SOCKET I immediately call “easy_cleanup” and then call “easy_init()”. Then further continue with my work. b.      If it returns valid then I use the same handle and continue with the transfer. Before doing “Step 5” the experience I faced was “hang” and it waited till it timed out naturally. Any thoughts? Thanks for reading the post your feedback will really help me. ____________________

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