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Re: reagrding error in getting complete server response

From: Sunil Chandrasekharan <>
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2013 09:01:13 +0900

> chunk.size and chunk.memory
>> *chunk.size = 12076*
>> *chunk.memory = it just prints a small section the first part upto the
>> starting line of "iteration 1"*
> Because the data contains a binary zero somewhere in there, right? So
> using printf() or _anything_ that assumes a terminating byte code is plain
> wrong.

Hi Dan,

Can you tell me what you meant. I didnt understand your response. binary
do you mean to say if the output contains any '0' ? it has lot of them as
the environment variable prints IP address and toerh details , hence there
are many 0s randomly occuring in the output.

But is this what you meant? can you make it more clear

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