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Make/Install on BSD

From: Jeff McKay <>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 22:20:03 -0800

I am experienced using libcurl on Windows but I am basically a novice
with Unix. I am now trying to write
a C program that uses libcurl on a BSD system. I have uploaded the
libcurl tar file, uncompressed it, and
I believe I successfully built and installed the library. I have the
directory /usr/home/comaxis/curl/lib in which
are found the files libcurl.a,,, and From the directory /usr/home/comaxis,
I use the command: cc demo.c -Lcurl/lib -lcurl, and receive no errors.
But when I try to run a.out, I get the
error "Shared object not found, required by a.out".

Now, following directions from the libcurl web site, I do instead:
cc demo.c /Lusr/local/lib -lcurl. The executable produced by that works

The problem is that the libcurl version that is in /usr/local/lib is
older, and I would prefer to use the version
that I just made. What is the problem? (Note: this is a shared system
owned by my ISP, so I do not have
root privileges and cannot do anything with /usr/local/lib).

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