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Re: Make/Install on BSD

From: Igor Korot <>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 22:42:22 -0800


On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 10:20 PM, Jeff McKay <> wrote:
> I am experienced using libcurl on Windows but I am basically a novice with
> Unix. I am now trying to write
> a C program that uses libcurl on a BSD system. I have uploaded the libcurl
> tar file, uncompressed it, and
> I believe I successfully built and installed the library. I have the
> directory /usr/home/comaxis/curl/lib in which
> are found the files libcurl.a,,, and
> From the directory /usr/home/comaxis,
> I use the command: cc demo.c -Lcurl/lib -lcurl, and receive no errors. But
> when I try to run a.out, I get the
> error "Shared object not found, required by a.out".
> Now, following directions from the libcurl web site, I do instead:
> cc demo.c /Lusr/local/lib -lcurl. The executable produced by that works
> fine.
> The problem is that the libcurl version that is in /usr/local/lib is older,
> and I would prefer to use the version
> that I just made. What is the problem? (Note: this is a shared system owned
> by my ISP, so I do not have
> root privileges and cannot do anything with /usr/local/lib).

As in Windows, *nix systems also have $PATH environment variable and do follow
the "standard" way of looking for the dynamically linked libraries.

The way to see it in *nix is:

set | grep PATH

which will display the value of $PATH environment variables.

What you need is to try and move you curl binaries to one of those
directories where you have access to
write to.

Or just ask you admin to let you install the binaries into the system.
Or maybe update the curl himself.

Thank you.
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