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[Information request] - Probing interests about integrating CoAP in the libcurl

From: Remy Leone <>
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2013 11:24:28 +0100


The goal of this email is to probe the interest about integrating CoAP
features into the libcurl.

*TL;DR* I want to know if you would be interested into having CoAP support
into libcurl and what need to be done for a CoAP patch to be integrated
into upstream libcurl.

*What is CoAP?:*

CoAP is an application protocol designed to request and post information on
low power and simple devices. CoAP is inspired from HTTP, the REST design
and uses UDP as a transport layer. It can manage GET, POST, PUT verbs and
features an OBSERVE functionality that is similar to a publish subscribe.

CoAP is an actively developped protocol and several ETSI plugtests already
happened to prove compatibility between different implementation.

More information about CoAP is available on

*Why put CoAP into curl:*

There are several reasons to put support for CoAP into the libcurl
- First, CoAP and HTTP are protocols that have several common points (REST
oriented, URI,...)
- It can make CoAP available on a larger audience and ease up deployment
and integration with existing solutions.
- It can open up curl to be used towards a new set of appliances and add a
protocol to its (already) long list of supported protocols

*What already exists:*

There are several implementations we can mention :
- libcoap BSD/GPL
- smcp

There is a bunch of implementation for CoAP. You can see some of them on
the wikipedia page
Maybe a solution could be to integrate one of them into the upstream

*What comes next:*

If the feedbacks and interests are present, we might dedicate an internship
for making it possible. Right now we are probing for interest, directions
and requierements.


- Is it mandatory for a protocol to have the RFC status in order to be
integrated into libcurl?
- How many unit tests are required for a new protocol to be integrated?
- Do you have walkthroughs or tutorials in order to implement a protocol
into the libcurl?

Best regards

PhD student CIFRE :: Thales TAI/Telecom Paris Tech

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