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Re: 421 I can't accept more than 5 connections as the same user

From: Stefano D. Mtangoo <>
Date: Sat, 04 Jan 2014 09:08:20 +0300

On 04/01/2014 01:31 asubuhi, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> On Tue, 31 Dec 2013, Stefano D. Mtangoo wrote:
>> I want to upload directory to FTP server. I do that using a thread
>> (wxThread) In that method, I get path and traverse thru dirs and
>> subdir and all files in them. For each path (file or dir) I call the
>> function to Queue them in multi interface. Once traversing is done I
>> call function that does actual uploading (both functions are shown
>> below)
> That code seems to do curl_multi_cleanup() on the handle before you
> curl_multi_info_read() from it... I would also suggest you do the
> clean thing and use curl_multi_remove_handle() to remove the easy
> handle from the multi stack before you kill it.
Thanks you a lot. I have a better understanding of libcurl now than
then. I have implemented what you just said and things are better now. I
get this error now.

USER xyz
RESPONSE: 421 Too many connections (20) from this IP

Now what am doing is loop in folder, get all files and subfolders and a
create easy handle for each and push them to multihandle and call
multi's perform.
I have set CURLMOPT_MAXCONNECTS to 15 so at least I expected it to
complain 15 connections than 20 its complaining (AFAIK, 15 should be
limiting factor or am I wrong?)

So, how do I know how many connection the server can handle so that I
use that? Any libcurl way or even plain FTP command for that?

> The source code you showed doesn't however explain how you can get
> more than one connection to the server with this program from what I
> can tell. Possibly a side-effect of the above mistakes.
I think you are right. The error have vanished now

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