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Support for URL specific options and broken Test 96

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2014 12:42:53 +0000

Hi again,

It looks like I've broken another test - well I think it was probably me as
it's a Memcheck test.

This time it is Test 96 - I'm not entirely sure exactly what the test is
trying to achieve and why the output is different to that which is expected.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Whilst I am here. It looks like the addition of lib1515.c has broken some of
the auto builds on some platforms and caused warnings of others. I have
fixed some of the build warnings up but wasn't too sure what to do about the
use of sleep() in this test - I am hesitant to #include <unistd.h> as I
don't think it is available on all platforms :(

Looking at some of the other tests that use sleep(), I see that they use
#ifdef TPF around these function calls - not sure what that is for or if
that is the best fix ??

Kind Regards

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