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Re: HTTP2 moves forward

From: Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa <>
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2014 15:13:07 +0900

On Sun, Mar 9, 2014 at 7:03 AM, Daniel Stenberg <> wrote:

> Hey
> I participated in the HTTPbis design team meeting in London today where
> lots of HTTP2 stuff was debated and decided. Things are moving along really
> good and draft-11 is expected to ship late March.
> More details from today on my blog:
> team-meeting-london/

As a mitigation of HPACK threat, new implementation draft will introduce a
flag which tells HPACK encoder not to use header table for that header
field name/value pair. To implement this, I plan to add new flag field to
nghttp2_nv. This change will certainly break MAKE_NV macro in libcurl code
(and many in nghttp2 applications). Since libcurl is built against the git
version of nghttp2, I'll send a patch to fix it in libcurl. If you guys
have better idea, please let me know.

Best regards,
Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa

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