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cross compiling NTLMv2 and gssapi configure issues

From: Ophir Orly <>
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2014 09:04:35 +0000

Hi All,

If this is the wrong place to post this question please let me know.

1. I'm trying to use the NTLMv2 implemented in the latest release.
     Just to make sure - do I need to compile it with the --with-gssapi file?
     I assume that I do, but I want to make sure. If it is so - I suggest adding this bit to the documentation, since the "old" NTLM doesn't require it

2. I'm having trouble compiling curl with the gssapi flag.
    The error occurs at link time. And I think I've found what's failing it, though I couldn't find why it happens.
    For some reasons, It adds "-L//lib" flag before -lgssapi. Obviously, this wouldn't work for cross compilation.
    The error message reads: "/bin/sed: can't read //lib/ No such file or directory"
    My configure flags include the following:
--prefix=${STAGING_DIR} \
--disable-shared \
--enable-static \
                --host=${CONFIG_HOST} \
                --enable-http --enable-ldap --enable-ldaps --enable-proxy --enable-ipv6 \
                --enable-crypto-auth --enable-ntlm \
--disable-ftp --disable-file --disable-rtsp --disable-dict --disable-telnet --disable-tftp --disable-pop3 --disable-imap --disable-smtp \
 --disable-gopher --disable-idn \
                --without-libidn \
                ---with-zlib=${STAGING_DIR} \
                --with-gssapi=${STAGING_DIR} \
                --with-ssl=${STAGING_DIR} ;

    Any Ideas?


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