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RE: cross compiling NTLMv2 and gssapi configure issues

From: Ophir Orly <>
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2014 14:37:36 +0000

1. The cause for the gssapi compilation issues is that the curl configure script uses krb5-config to get the compilation flags, and apparently we have that misconfigured. I would have thought that the it will take the --prefix lib instead of using the tools, but I guess there's a reason for this behavior. I'm kind of new to package configurations...
I tried giving the lib directory specifically with the --with-gssapi-libs={LIB_DIR}, but that SSL was disabled altogether (haven't debug that yet).

2. I still haven't got it working, so I can't say if this fixes the NTLMv2 authentication or not.
 <I thought that was the case - The only reason I mentioned my build configuration was to try and hightlight that my curl is as close to the Linux varient as possible as I don't use WinSSL or SSPI ;-)

Oh! I get it. Should have had that coffee, I guess :)

>> Yes. The authentication fails. I'm trying to authenticate a squid
>> proxy with a backend Windows server 2008 backend.
>Mmmm... interesting.

I thought it might be relevant since I've read something about NTLMSSP being removed from Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 in favor of the Kerberos protocol.
Will that cause issues with current NTLMv2 implementation?

> I couldn't see it in your config options but were you building a debug build by any chance?
No. It's a normal build.

>> The Windows build - connects perfectly, but the linux one doesn't.
> Did you compare the base64 authentication strings to see how much they diff by?

Not yet. I'll do that

Again, thanks a lot!


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