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RE: [PATCH] MSVC: remove old makefiles, refer to winbuild/ only

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2014 19:59:08 +0100

On Wed, 2 Apr 2014, Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> > As such, I may have misunderstood the proposed fix, but am I right
> > in thinking that you're suggesting removing the VC support from
> > makefile.dist?
> Well, yes since I removed the */* files.

I don't believe the VC tags in makefile.dist have anything to do with the* files - but I could be wrong as I've only used the*
files a couple of times just to ensure they work ;-)

> > If so that is going to break and any native windows
> > autobuilds - including all of mine :(
> That's not good, no. So I guess I instead need to invoke the
> proper build in the winbuild directory then instead...


> > In some respects, and more long term (ie after I have added native
> > Visual Studio project files), I'd rather see what we have in winbuild
> > folder moved into makefile.dist rather than maintain two separate
> > sets of makefiles.
> That sounds like a good idea yes, unles there's something
> msvc-specific in there that would make it harder for some reason.

All the VC tags in makefile.dist have the necessary flags, pre-processor
declarations and linker options to build various Windows configurations
(sspi, zlib, x86, x64, etc...). There are some configurations so
unfortunately it's isn't as complete as the winbuild\makefiles at present. I
did start to fix some of them up and then I emailed you, privately as it
wasn't too important at the time, on the 18th January with some queries /
direction questions ;-)

However, I would recommend for the moment leaving the makefile.dist files as
is, removing the* files so then we have two ways of building
Windows targets (excluding cmake and mingw).

Then in time (hopefully I'm going to start pushing my Visual Studio project
files this month for the 7.37 release) we move the winbuild\makefile
functionality into makefile.dist and remove the winbuild directory to give
us Windows targets via:

* Native Visual Studio project files
* Makefile.dist (either directly with nmake or through
* cmake
* autoconf (?) via mingw

Kind Regards

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