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RE: Visual Studio Project Files

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2014 21:00:42 +0100

On Wed, 9 Apr 2014, Gisle Vanem wrote:

> Shouldn't these be put in 'packages/Win32/VC9' instead?

Quite possibly... I must admit I've not looked in that directory for nearly
3 years so my apologies there :(

> So I don't see why Visual-C should have a sub-dir all for itself.

That really wasn't my intention...

The structure I have used, unfortunately, isn't my own - I simply copied it
(sorry, took inspiration) from some of the Apache Project's libraries -
Xerces and Xalan in particular - and more out of laziness didn't update the
structure from what I developed 3 years ago way back in 2011 to what I am
now committing. The only thing I have altered since then is the output
directories so that curl and libcurl are generated in a common directory
making it easier to run when compiling dynamically ;-)

As such, I thought we could then add other project files into "my"
structure, for example: Netbeans, Borland etc... but I didn't realise there
was stuff similar in the packages directory.

Note: For anyone that is interested Apache's project directory structure is:


I deviated away from that slightly and used a more generic "Windows"
directory as there are both 32-bit and 64-bit builds in there and Win32
really describes the API rather than a platform - from the long gone days of
Win16, Win32s and Win32. Also, and if anyone feels up to the job, someone
could add support for jail broken ARM for (what used to be called) Windows
RT builds into the same project files as well - but I must admit I don't
really mind. I'd rather not move the directory into a Visual-C directory as
a) That will require an update to all the files, both the ones I've commited
as well as the ones I have pending, for the relative paths and b) Having
Visual-C\VC6 includes the name twice when you expand the acronym ;-)

PS. Is there an easy way to move folders in git?

Kind Regards


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