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Re: [Bulk] RE: Visual Studio Project Files

From: Gisle Vanem <>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2014 01:24:13 +0200

"Steve Holme" <> wrote:

> really mind. I'd rather not move the directory into a Visual-C directory as
> a) That will require an update to all the files, both the ones I've commited
> as well as the ones I have pending, for the relative paths and b) Having
> Visual-C\VC6 includes the name twice when you expand the acronym ;-)
b) is a valid point. Maybe 'packages/Win32/VC6' as Visual-C for non-Windows
targets is out of the question. I briefly remember VC once supported Apple Macs (?)

Regarding a), I appreciate your works on this. But it's a long time since
I used any MS-tools to build libcurl/curl. So I don't have any strong opinions
either way.

> PS. Is there an easy way to move folders in git?

I think 'git mv' does it. But don't trust me on that. I use very few
git commands.

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