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RE: Visual Studio Project Files

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2014 22:44:58 +0100

On Tue, 15 Apr 2014, Pierre Joye wrote:

> I would be interested to know what the long term maintenance
> of such project files might be...
> Existing not, or almost not, new files, deprecated options, etc.

New files:

The project files I am providing are templates - basically they are the same as the raw .vcproj and .vcxproj files but are missing the file lists and instead have macros in their place. I have provided a generate.bat for anyone wanting to test the current repo, however, before release I am hoping to update to do that work instead - which is how the current VC6 and VC8 files have been maintained.

Deprecated Options:

The problem I see there is that we have only provided VC6 and VC8 files and not updated versions which are supported natively by the newer versions of Visual Studio. Typically, users can import older solution and project file into a newer version of Visual Studio and whilst that can remove some of the deprecated options it more often than not doesn't support any new settings.

Whilst I can't guarantee that I will provide VC13, VC14, etc... files in the years to come what I can say is that I have been involved with curl for almost 3 years now, don't intend giving up yet (especially as my to do list seems longer than ever), have Visual Studio with Software Assurance and MSDN so have access to the latest versions of Visual Studio and will try and supply updated project files.

> But it keeps growing, even more with the more frequent VS releases.
> I have seen many projects moving away from project files because
> of these issues. Mainly for make files or other build system.

I can't and wouldn't like to speak for other projects and try and guess why their project files may have stagnated - It is a shame in some respects but I guess that can happen :(

> > I welcome any improvements to the existing documentation, but I
> > must admit I have very little makefile experience myself - and use
> > Visual Studio project files on a daily basis... having done so since v1.0 ;-)
> It is very easy to use and allow one file to deal with all VC versions. Try it :)

The main problem with this sort of stuff is trying to find the time to try it :(

As it happens I don't really have a social life, outside of work, the gym and curl, and in some respects thankfully I am 42 and have found myself single for the last few years so at the moment I have time to dedicate, however, summer is around the corner and I'm sure I will be back on two wheels (motorised version rather than peddle powered) spending a few more weekends with other friends that also love: putting on leather (looking like a Power Ranger), wind through their visors, the open road etc... ;-) If you look at my commit stats for last year you'll notice that they almost stopped between May and August!!

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