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Re: libcurl error question

From: David Chapman <>
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2014 17:04:26 -0700

On 7/1/2014 4:14 PM, wrote:
> I don't understand why this library doesn't simply work out of the
> box. Does anybody else know the answer to my problem?

There is an error in the Windows build system as shipped. If you are
using the "" file to build the libraries, it does not assign
the variable "RTLIBCFG" that is expected by "". Here is
how I modified it:

C:\libcurl>svn diff -r 41
--- (revision 41)
+++ (working copy)
@@ -190,6 +190,7 @@

         @SET USE_IDN=$(USE_IDN)
         @SET USE_IPV6=$(USE_IPV6)
         @SET USE_SSPI=$(USE_SSPI)

If you don't do this (or otherwise coerce -DSTATIC_LIB during
compilation), then the libraries will be built for dynamic linking and
your code will not run unless it can find the dynamic libraries.

And yes, I should formally log this as a bug but I've been busy...

     David Chapman
     Chapman Consulting -- San Jose, CA
     Software Development Done Right.
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