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Re: libcurl error question

From: David Chapman <>
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2014 21:26:44 -0700

On 7/3/2014 7:57 PM, wrote:
> David,
> Thanks for the help but I still need more help. I downloaded
> TortoiseSVN so I could use the svn diff command on the command prompt.
> and went to the directory labeled c:\
> Lib\curl-7.34.0-devel-mingw64\samples and I then typed svn diff -r 41
> but it didn't work and returned the error "svn: E155007:
> 'c:\ Lib\curl-7.34.0-devel-mingw64\samples\' is not a
> working copy. Do you know what I'm doing wrong. Under this particular
> directory there are two files similar to namely Makefile
> of type file and Makefile.m32 of type M32 file. There is no
> anywhere to be found looking in the upper directories and
> if instead I substituted Makefile for I get the same error
> message (same is true for Makefile.m32). I'm assuming I'm doing
> something very stupid on my end, but I never have used TortoiseSVN
> before and I've only been programming for a few years self taught from
> a tutorial online. Any further help would be appreciated.

I imported a copy of libcurl 7.37.0 into a repository for the project I
am working on. The "svn log" message simply shows how I modified the
file in revision 42 of that repository. The directory name in the
prompt for my previous response is too terse; I hacked it a bit too much
to hide my project name. It is actually the project name followed by
"curl-7.37.0\winbuild", so I was showing the difference in

What the log says is: after revision 41, the line "@SET
RTLIBCFG=$(MODE)" was added after the line "@SET MACHINE=$(MACHINE)" in
the file "winbuild\". This is the change you would need to
make, using any text editor. If you are not using a version control
system (OK if you are just experimenting) then you wouldn't be comparing
revisions. You would simply be comparing the released version of
libcurl 7.34.0 with your modified version.

To repeat exactly what I've done, you would need to create a repository,
check out a working copy, import the libcurl source code into the
working copy, commit the original form of the libcurl source code from
the working copy to the repository, modify as I showed,
commit the changed file, and then run the comparison vs. the revision
(whatever its number) just prior to the commit.

This is an awful lot of work if you are not yet familiar with a source
code control system. Knowing how to use one is a good thing (ever
wonder "what did that code look like before???"), but if all you want to
do is link your program, just add the one line to in your
project directory tree, rebuild libcurl, and let us know how it works.

P.S. I can't help you with specific questions about TortoiseSVN; I've
never used it. Instead I use the command-line version of Subversion
because it works the same way on Linux too. You can download a free
book on the command-line version of Subversion (includes information on
how to set up and manage repositories) at
There is probably online documentation for TortoiseSVN that is equally
useful. I know that there are E-mail support groups for Subversion and

     David Chapman
     Chapman Consulting -- San Jose, CA
     Software Development Done Right.

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