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Re: curl_easy_perform() occasionally not failing immediately from progress callback (test 1513)

From: Fabian Keil <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2014 13:51:34 +0200

"Jonathan C." <> wrote:

> I think this must be somewhat related to what I reported some time
> ago


My second debug patch adds three assertions to lib1513.c

| assert(processKiller_calls != 0);
| assert(processKiller_calls == 1);
| assert(res == 42);

If the callback was called more than once, the second assertion should
be triggered.

At least for me this never happened so there doesn't seem to be any
indication that the callback is "called once again after returning
non-zero value" on my system (or at least it's not reproducible
with test 1513).


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