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Re: [PATCH] SF bug #1302: HTTP Auth Negotiate sends Kerberos token instead of SPNEGO token

From: Michael Osipov <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 22:46:53 +0200

Am 2014-07-15 23:32, schrieb David Woodhouse:
>>> Support WWW-Authenticate: Kerberos in place of defunct
>>> GSS-Negotiate
>> I am not convinced by that patch. I assumed you had the same intentions
>> as me with the entire chain, --kerberos over CURLAUTH_KERBEROS and so
>> forth. You mix two mechanisms within one code block, spite the same
>> flow, you cannot on/off any of them separately not do people really know
>> that curl will do that.
> Yeah, fair enough. I hate the way that curl doesn't automatically
> authenticate when it knows how, so I forget about those extra bits.
> I'll drop that from my tree and revert to
> commit d850e9b9 which you can use as a base for further work.

That looks good. Daniel has already merged your changes. I have branched
bagder/master and rebased my work on top of it:

Tests are ongoing.

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