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Kerberos multiple principals having same realms issue.

From: Valluri, Sathish <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 05:59:50 +0000


We are observing issue when running curl under negotiate with multiple principals both having same realm(say user1/krbnet.com_at_EXAMPLE.COM and user2/krbnet.com_at_EXAMPLE.COM).

We are using directory cache to update the cache with both the principals.

kinit -kt user1/krbnet.com_at_EXAMPLE.COM
kinit -kt user2/krbnet.com_at_EXAMPLE.COM

curl library is loading only the primary credentials (here user2) in the Kerberos cache and working even though there are user1 and user2 credentials in the Kerberos cache.

Is there any option in curl to specify the negotiate connection based on the principal?

Can anybody suggest a way to work with curl if multiple Kerberos principals are present and both pointing to same realm.

Sathish Valluri

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