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Call for libcurl cmake users/maintainers!

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2014 09:42:13 +0200 (CEST)


As an experiment and just checking in which status our current cmake build
files are at, I've tried to build curl/libcurl with it on my 64 bit Debian

It couldn't even generate a first set of Makefiles. It identified problems in
the tests/libtest/CMakeLists.txt file/builds.

We need to find one or more people in this project that actually care about
cmake and who wants to work on fixing the cmake build. I'm going to set a
deadline on the last of August 2014 and if the cmake build is not improved
(significantly) by then, it'll be removed NOT TO BE RETURNED AGAIN[*].

I was never convinced adding cmake support was a good idea but I allowed it to
get added in April 2009 as there were a bunch of eager advocates of it at the
time. Ever since then, it has remained an inferior way to build libcurl on
probably all platforms since there's just not much attention given to it, most
likely (my guess) because there aren't very many users of it.

So, I need proof that it is a good idea to keep it around!

[*] = nothing is ever truly final and everything can always be reverted and
brought back to discussions, but I would need some seriously heavy arguments
to be talked into letting cmake in again after we've tried to get it working
for 5(!) long years and failing.

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