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Re: Re[3]: known bug #83

From: Jan Ehrhardt <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2014 18:30:07 +0200

On Thu, 5 Jun 2014 00:14:18 +0200 (CEST), in gmane.comp.web.curl.library
you wrote:

>On Wed, 4 Jun 2014, ??????? ?????? wrote:
>> Yes, it work for me, but you must call OPENSSL_config(NULL) not
>> OpenSSL_config(NULL), more info 
>Right, thanks! I actually noticed when I then tried to compile that after my
>previous email. I also had to add an #include and I bumped our lowest OpenSSL
>library version to 0.9.7 in the docs/INTERNALS document. Pushed to git just

Unfortunely, this commit caused bug 1401:

This happened only on my Windows 2008 R2 production server! Grr. I tried
various other (virtual) machines, but no dice. Here is the zip with the
faulting php_curl.dll:

Unzip it, go to the php-dir, run php -v and see if you get something
like this:

If somebody can reproduce the bug, please add your commnt to the
bugreport on sourceforge.


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