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Connecting to multiple hosts that have the same hostname

From: Michael Kaufmann <>
Date: Wed, 27 May 2015 21:10:50 +0200


I have a challenging scenario for libcurl. I want to connect with
https to a cluster of ADFS hosts (Active Directory Federation
Services). These hosts have the same hostname, but different IP
addresses. For example:
-, IP:
-, IP:

When establishing a connection, I want to control to which host
libcurl should connect to ( or because the hosts
have separate user sessions.
Furthermore ADFS needs SNI, so it is necessary to use the hostname in
the URL ( It is not possible to just use the
IP address ( or

As suggested in many mails on this mailing list, I have tried to solve
this using CURLOPT_RESOLVE. I have found two problems:
- CURLOPT_RESOLVE is not a "local" setting because it pre-populates
the DNS cache. All easy handles that use the same multi handle share a
DNS cache. Setting different IP addresses for the same hostname using
CURLOPT_RESOLVE may therefore lead to race conditions.
- A "wrong" existing connection may get reused. libcurl only looks at
the hostname, and does not remember that the connection has been set
up using a special IP address with CURLOPT_RESOLVE. (I have not tested
this, but I have looked at libcurl's source code.)

It is possible to work around these problems by using CURLOPT_RESOLVE
with an artificial hostname in the URL, e.g.
"" - but then the server drops the
connection, because the artificial hostname is also used for SNI. A
libcurl option to control the SNI hostname (and also the hostname used
for the server certificate checks) would make this workaround viable.

A "clean" solution needs to address the problems mentioned above:
- CURLOPT_RESOLVE should only affect a single easy handle
- A new option to control the connection cache's behavior (reuse based
on hostname only or reuse based on hostname + IP address). This may be
implemented in a more general way with a "label" (string) that gets
attached to a connection, and libcurl is only allowed to reuse
connections when the labels match.

What do you think? All ideas and suggestions are welcome.


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