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Implementing TODO item 3.1 "Update date and version in man pages"

From: S M <>
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2016 15:24:45 +0000

Hey everyone,

I am looking into implementing TODO item 3.1 "Update date and version in man pages"
and have some questions.

1. I started working on an implementation here [1]. This implementation
relies on placeholders in the man pages [2] to be filled by the maketgz script.
Although it's more straightforward to replace the placeholders, instead
of relying on regex to find and update the specific lines, it introduces
non-nroff syntax in the man pages. Therefore I was wondering if it would
be cleaner to keep the current (although outdated) date and version in
the man pages and use regex to update them.

2. Do tests/runtests.1 and tests/testcurl.1 also use the library version?

3. Should or can docs/mk-ca-bundle.1 also be included in this process?



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