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Re: Fw: DKIM errors

From: Zakrzewski, Jakub <>
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2016 09:44:55 +0000

>First, DKIM is a system that *hates* mailing lists so there are no nice ways
>around it.

So I've heard...

>You can see that mailman as configured at will sometimes rewrite
>the From: line for certain outgoing emails, to say "Name via curl-library" and
>provide the email address of the list instead of the person's own address. It
>does this for people whom it has determined has a DKIM profile that would make
>receivers otherwise reject the email saying it is forged.

I have figured this out.

>Why you experience DKIM problems is hard to tell without knowing more details.
>I would probably recommend that you simply add a filter and auto-mark emails
>from the curl mailing lists as non-spam. We get very few actual spam through
>to these lists thanks to our filtering system.

Yeah, I'd love to do it but I cannot. It's all outsourced and they don't really want to do anything.
The spam filter software they are using is a piece of *** in my opinion but I can't do anything about it.

There is a RFC from 2011 ( ) about DKIM and mailing lists.
It looks like the recommendation is to attach (replace?) the signature with the mailing lists' signature.
Or wouldn't it be possible for the mailman to drop some headers (like the DKIM ;) )?

The only thing I can do with the company's filter is to add an address to whitelist but it doesn't
even check it if there's a hard error ( DKIM, SPF )

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