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RE: Session ID Reuse in libcurl

From: Lucas Pardue <>
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2016 11:10:25 +0000

> HTTP/2 connection coalescing is certainly related but totally separate, as that
> controls how existing connections may be used for pending requests (even
> across different host names) and SSL session IDs for how to use meta-data to
> restablish a connection faster.
> libcurl has no such connection coalescing logic currently, but it would be
> interesting to feature that at some point.

To follow up on this thread, I posted a question to the HTTP WG asking about TLS session ID reuse and had some very interesting response. The thread can be found at

In one of the later messages, Eric Rescorla highlights a section of RFC 6066 that makes it clear that a server MUST NOT accept a request to resume a TLS session if the SNI is different. Clients may do that but the server shouldn't support it. I think therefore that libcurl is behaving well in recent versions and is working as expected.

> For the interested, I blogged about how HTTP/2 connection coalescing is
> done (or not done) by browsers a while ago:

Your blog post is my go-to for understanding HTTP/2 connection coalescing in the less abstract sense (RFC 7540 seems to talk too vaguely in my opinion). Interestingly, h2 coalescing seems to contradict a different part of RFC 6066.


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