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crash in curl_multi_perform

From: Yusuf Ekici via curl-library <>
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2017 13:54:16 +0300

I am using the 7.49.1 curllib as static.
When crash occurs the core debug trace shows add_next_timeout as the
point where crash occurs.

I changed that part in curl_multi_perform (multi.c) as:

do {
    multi->timetree = Curl_splaygetbest(now, multi->timetree, &t);
      /* the removed may have another timeout in queue */
        (void)add_next_timeout(now, multi, t->payload);
        printf("\n t->payload NULL \n ");

  } while(t);

As a result that code covers the crash 4 times as I see the “n t->payload
NULL” print in 20 times test. I found another issue related to this issue
Is it a known issue or do you have any idea why that occurs?

Best Regards

Received on 2017-10-05