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Is there a way to statically link only nghttp2 but not others (openssl)

From: Sunil Sayyaparaju via curl-library <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2018 17:13:35 +0530

This is technically not a libcurl issue, but I don't think there is a
better place to get help than here. I did a good amount of exploration
and read lot of discussions. I need both nghttp2 and openssl for my
work. I am able to statically compile libcurl with nghttp on other
platforms (ubuntu/debian). I am already past that barrier. But the
pain is with centos-7. They have openssl-static package which is
practically useless. In short, it needs kerberos static packages which
are not available. Ref : So, static linking
of default openssl package is ruled out.
The other option seems to be to statically link with a privately
compiled openssl library. I do not really want to fork openssl as
submodule in my project just because of centos-7. I cannot justfiy the
120MB openssl repo as submodule for my small repo especially given
that the default runtime openssl packages are good enough for my
purpose. (I cannot avoid curl and nghttp2 as the default runtime
library packages are quite old). I need to distribute my code and not
a compiled binary/package. Else, I could have used private openssl on
the build machine only.
So, I am wondering if I can only statically link with nghttp2 but not
openssl. Is there a way ?

- Sunil
Received on 2018-01-02