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Re: Building libcurl 7.57 on Windows

From: Ray Satiro via curl-library <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2018 00:08:39 -0500

On 1/12/2018 8:03 PM, Alex Chen via curl-library wrote:
>    I recently downloaded libcurl 7.57 and tried to build it on Windows
> but failed.  I was able to build 7.51 on Windows without problem.
> The major change is that the file curl-7.51.0/lib/Makefile.vc14 is
> gone from curl-7.57-0/lib.  My build script used to call ‘nmake’ with
> that make file as input.
> Since that file is gone, the build script cannot continue.
> I notice there seems to be stuff for ‘cmake’.  What is the correct
> process to build libcurl 7.57 on Windows now?

I think what you are referring to was retired in favor of the vc
makefiles in the winbuild folder. Check the README, from the VS command
prompt it will be something like nmake /f mode=dll VC=10

Alternatively there's pregenerated Visual Studio project files in the
projects folder, in some common configurations. And cmake. And autotools
(./configure && make). So there are at least 4 ways to build for Windows

Received on 2018-01-13